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15 August
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Name: Kristen Jones
*Name Meaning: “Christian” “YAHWEH is gracious”
Sex: Female
Birthday: August 15
Age: 17
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair that's slightly past her shoulders and pulled into a ponytail, with straight bangs; fair skin; pale green ‘European’ eyes; angular glasses with red frames; average weight, 5'4"

Personality: Kristen has evolved from her fairly mild-mannered personality to a much stronger and aggressive one – in other words, she’s hit her “rebellious teenager” phase. Despite this, she still tends to default toward acting in a polite and calm manner. She has a bad temper, though, and tends to get jealousy (esp. concerning Katako or Freya). She often worries about people – especially fellow senshi – but generally seems sure that things will turn out fine in the end. She enjoys snarking at people for being idiots, particularly when it’s Osric or Ranko (or both).
Kristen is still following logic almost completely, though there are times when she’ll let her emotional side get the best of her. She prefers to keep her problems to herself. She still tends to base her thoughts on people by first impressions, defaulting toward 'good', but is slowly growing out of it.
Kristen has, by now, largely gotten over her issues with her family and guilt over her past actions. She's now more active in school.
Strengths: Observant, in good shape, above average intelligence (near genius levels with mathematics), and speaks Japanese, English, and Norwegian (and often swears in the last)
Weaknesses: Seeing the emotional or pacifistic side of things, overly aggressive at times, self-centered, often disregards other people’s feelings
Future Goals: To become a stronger senshi and protect the people she cares about
*Special Abilities: Psychic connection with the god Quaoar – Ever since she was awakened, Kristen has had a connection to the god Quaoar. While previously she was able to have full conversations with him and request information and the return of certain memories, as long as she is under the queen’s bubble, this connection is reduced to very strong feelings about places and people.
*Favorite Gemstone: Spinel
*Favorite Food: Steak
*Favorite Subjects: Math, science
*Least Favorite Subjects: Lang. Arts
Activities & Hobbies: Studying, reading, chess club, snarking at people, playing video (esp. horror)
Occupation: Student

Current History: Kristen is the older twin sister of Freya Jones and the daughter of Thomas and Irene Jones. Before she became a senshi, she lived contentedly as an appendage to her much stronger-willed sister. As her father was stationed in other countries, she, her sister, and her mother usually lived by themselves in the suburbs of Vermont.
Kristen was obsessed with learning and getting into a good college, and greatly preferred her father to her mother because of this; her father would usually taught to her about military history and the like, while her mother often tore her away from her studies to go shopping. It was from her father that she gained her powers of observation, but it still came as a shock when her parents chose to divorce due to irreconcilable differences.
Three months before the divorce, though, Kristen was awakened by the god Quaoar and retrieved all of her memories of her past life. During this time, she was forced to fend off attacks by a group of space pirates who wanted the Quaoaran starseed and her sister. The pirates haven't been seen since she moved to Marin.


Senshi Name: Sailor Quaoar
Realm of Influence: Non-aqueous ice found in space
Colors: Pale blue and yellow
Basically, instead of her uniform looking like manga-style Sailor V, it’s changed to look like anime-style Sailor V – and it still lacks shoulder pads. Other differences are that she now has one stripe around the collar and her new transformation pendant hangs from her choker. Even though she’s had a haircut, when she transforms, her hair goes back into its original style. She still has her tiara.

Transformation Item: A small, flat, blue marble pendant with a silver star on it – attached to a blue ribbon choker
Transformation Phrase: (Oh god Quaoar, please lend me strength – optional to make it seem more formal) Quaoar Star Power, Make Up!

Fighting Style: Quaoar prefers to stand back and let others do the attacking initially while she analyzes the situation. She’ll favor long-range attacks and hand-to-hand combat accordingly.
Strengths: Thinking things through, powerful close-range attacks
Weaknesses: Long-range attacks are mediocre and, in the case of her newest one, unpolished and hard to aim
Weapons: Golden Hammer (Mjolnir)
Other Items: None

Name of Attack: Hammer Blow
--What it looks like: Quaoar calls the name of this attack and a blue aura flares around her. When she attacks with her hammer, damage is increased. The attack ends when she’s hit.
--Damage or Effect: Generally medium to high damage, but damage taken also depends on the enemy type (soft enemies aren’t damaged, brittle enemies will break, etc.)
--Accuracy/Effectiveness: Generally very accurate unless the enemy is good at dodging.

Name of Attack: Comet Strike
--What it looks like: Quaoar calls out the name of the attack and winds up her arm like she’s throwing a baseball with her hand in a fist. As she winds it, more and more methane ice collects on her fist. When she judges that enough ice has collected, she lets the ball of ice flies and it ignites in midair. The attack can by done with either hand or both (though to use both, she has to spin).
--Damage or Effect: Though Quaoar can, theoretically, charge the attack infinitely, the power of the flames does not grow stronger. The damage from the flames is low to medium; the damage from getting hit by the ice ball depends on how big it is – though it at least HURTS regardless.
--Accuracy/Effectiveness: The one-handed versions are very accurate; however, since she has to spin for the two-handed one, she usually misses out of dizziness.

Name of Attack: Flash Freezing (32 fouettés en tournant)
--What it looks like: Quaoar calls out “Flash Freezing” and begins to do “turning fouettés”. As she turns, small balls of dry ice surround her. When she loses her balance, stops, or completes the 32 fouettés, the balls will automatically fire away from her.
--Damage or Effect: The balls of dry ice freeze whatever they touch on contact. The more that hit the target, the more likely that the target will become an ice statue.
--Accuracy/Effectiveness: Since there are many balls of ice, there’s a good chance that they’ll hit the target. It’s also likely that they’ll hit everything else until Quaoar figures out how to aim the attack.
As Quaoar does not take ballet, it’s difficult for her to successfully go en pointe, and her shoes make the fouettés painful. Finally, she loses her balance fairly quickly out of dizziness.

Past History: During the Silver Millenium, the god Quaoar cherished the kingdom residing on his 'planet' near the Kuiper Belt. The king and late queen of this unnamed kingdom was a mortal descendant of the god, and with his ancestor's wisdom, his kingdom flourished. The king had two daughters, with Callisto being the Crown Princess as she did not inherit the senshi powers. Her older twin, Calypso, was a senshi-in-training. While her sister was emotional, Calypso tended to come off as unfeeling. Her level-headedness allowed her to advise her sister in difficult situations.
After her father's death, Calypso became her sister's most trusted advisor. When the Dark Kingdom attacked, Calypso was on the battlefield, even though she was still a senshi-in-training. After several days of non-stop attacking, the Dark Kingdom broke through Quaoar's meager defenses. Calypso died from blood loss after being stabbed multiple times trying to protect her sister.
Mission: To revive the kingdom on Quaoar

Other Information: The planet Quaoar served as a communications station during the Silver Millenium. As such, Calypso (and therefore Kristen) will sometimes recognize senshi from the Kuiper belt.
Calypso had a romantic friendship with Irae, the senshi of Dysnomia.